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Quick Help Section

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  • Q: How do I upload an image?
    • A: Click the "BEGIN" button on the home page and follow the wizard steps
  • Q: How many images can I add?
    • A: Check the rules and regs on the LCC website if you're not sure how many images you can add in any given category
  • Q: I uploaded the wrong image!
    • A: If you want to replace an uploaded image, the last image uploaded with any given name will be assumed to be the proper copy. If you have doubts... Contact us
  • Q: Is my submission too late?
    • A: The deadline for submitting images is midnight of the Monday prior to Evaluation Evening. Normally, images will be accepted later than that, but you may want to contact us if you have a question
    • A: Chances are - if the homepage still says we're accepting submissions for this month, you're in luck.
  • Q: Other Questions?